Artisan Picks: June 2018

Custom Printed Wallpaper

While shopping for some pretty house decor items to help personalize the condo I’m renting in Toronto I stumbled upon Four Blocks South. They had a pop up store in the mall I’m living near and I was drawn to their beautiful and unique home goods like a moth to a flame. I’m actually about to start the process of building my family’s dream home and let me tell you, the home decor wheels are turning…Hey ladies, you wouldn’t happen to be available to work your magic in Utah would you?!

Please welcome Joy Watson Seon the CEO and co-founder of Four Blocks South, this months Artisan Picks guest editor!

Four Blocks South

Four Blocks South is a company run by moms of young families, (our co-founder just welcomed baby #2!) with creative and entrepreneurial spirits.  We offer a curated collection of well-designed home goods from companies we love.

We aim to brighten up the everyday by making ordinary items special, beautiful and functional. Because we are mothers we care about the quality of goods that we bring into our home. Before introducing anything new, we test our products with our families and have them all over our own homes. As such, we strive to find high quality, well-made and sustainably produced goods.  We place high importance on pure, quality materials.

Our suppliers are mothers, fathers, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, but most importantly, people who really care about what they make. We work with companies that focus on the quality, design and function of what they produce.

We hope our curated collection helps to fill your home with joy and love.

Joy Watson Seon

Custom Printed Wallpaper

This beautiful, artistic wallpaper is custom printed just for you, making it socially responsible by creating almost no waste. There are so many designs from nature to graphic to edgy there is something for everyone and every home.

Printed and shipped within 3 business days.  Designed and printed in Sweden.

Custom Printed Wallpaper
Custom Printed Wallpaper

Kin Candle Holders

Kin is a tea light candle holder with three different models designed by the internationally successful design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. They are colorful, beautiful and classic. Made of brass and powder coated, these small holders have big impact when displayed in a group.

Made in Sweden by Skultuna, a company that started in 1607.

Kin Candle Holders

Four Blocks South Pillows

These one-of-a-kind cushions were created in partnership with Toronto artist, Adrienne Jackson. Each design is created from a piece of her art, turned into a pattern and then dyed onto linen with a soft, sophisticated linen or velvet back. Hand-made in a very limited run.

Cushions are finished with an exposed, gold-tone zipper with contrasting tape. Feather insert is included.

Materials: 100% linen and velvet. Proudly made in Toronto.

Four Blocks South Pillows
Four Blocks South Pillows

Turkish Towels

These Turkish towels are from a luxury Los Angeles based textiles brand, Smyrna Collection, that seamlessly combines classic California bohemian with a touch of Turkey.

The towels are all individually hand-loomed using ancient techniques specific to the skilled artisans of Turkey’s Aegean region. Each of the collection’s fair trade products is made with only the finest quality eco-friendly cottons, 100% hand-loomed and made with love.

Turkish Towel
Turkish Towel

Brush Dish Cloths

Brighten the everyday with these modern, machine washable dish cloths.

Printed with hand drawn designs featuring wavy and straight lines and swirling brushstrokes in a monochrome palette, this graphic set of functional dish cloths is made from an ultra absorbent blend of cellulose and natural cotton.

Brush Cloths
Brush Cloths

Fein Salad Servers

Gather your friends and family and serve them salad with these beautiful gilded salad servers, which will look perfect on any table. The perfect gift for any hostess, the chef in your life or you!

Fein Salad Servers
Fein Salad Servers

Ripple Champagne Saucers

Featuring a beautifully rippled surface the Ripple Champagne Saucers present a classic glass for sparkling wines. They are made of delicate glass mouth-blown into the mold, adding a dynamic and energetic expression to the glasses.

Each one of these glasses is mouth-blown and made with love, which is why variations may occur. Sets of 2.

Ripple Champagne Saucers
Ripple Champagne Saucers

Machine Washable Mats

Our mats are beautiful, durable and machine washable… yes, machine washable! The indoor rugs/runners are soft enough for your little one to play on, great for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or hallway. The indoor/outdoor mats are perfect for your front or back door. Both styles have a non-slip rubber backing and can survive any climate.

They add color, style and are long lasting, simply wash them to make them new again. Proudly made in Belgium.

Flour Blocks South Mats

Join Coasters

A clever solution for daily use and entertaining, Join can morph from a set of coasters for your beverage into a trivet for your home cooked meal. The dovetail connection on each Carrara marble coaster allows them to tightly interlock and form a solid platform, protecting your table or countertop surface. When not in use, Join stacks neatly within a tailor-made walnut stand.

Made in California.

Join Coasters
Join Coasters

Bottle Grinders

The Norm Bottle Grinder is not what you expect to see in a salt and pepper grinder. The form, shaped more like a bottle, cleverly tricks the user to encourage a more playful and experimental interaction with the product. The powerful ceramic mechanism makes the grinder easy to operate and perfect for trying out more than just salt and pepper including spices and grains, nuts, seeds or dried fruits.

The unique, inverted design ensures that whatever you fill them with only sprinkles out when you grind, leaving no trace on the table or in the kitchen.

Bottle Grinders
Bottle Grinder

Sweeper and Funnel

Sweeper and Funnel is so simple in it’s core idea, that it becomes almost brilliant – it’s the kind of design you wish you’d thought of yourself, and the obvious value of the design makes people wonder why no one has thought of this before.

The smart design lets the sweeper fit inside the handle of the funnel for compact storage. The hollow handle of the funnel also allows for easier disposal of collected waste.

Available in black and white.

Sweeper & Funnel
Sweeper & Funnel

Folded Vase

Folded Vase is designed with the flower bouquet in mind and has been inspired by the Japanese paper-folding art, Origami. Both the matt surface of the porcelain and the way it has been folded and shaped bear resemblance to the texture and porosity of paper.

The sculptural shape makes this vase look great on its own, but it is also extremely beautiful with a bouquet of flowers. The geometric design embraces the subtle bouquet which gently drapes its flowers around the top of the vase where they get their own life.

Folded Vase
Folded Vase

Bosske Hanging Ceramic Planter

Floor space is a precious commodity. Ceiling space not so much. Defying gravity, the Boskke Sky Planter encourages more greenery at home and at work by simplifying care without sacrificing floor space.

Hand-crafted from high-quality stoneware ceramic, this planter uses Boskke’s Slo-Flo internal irrigation system to gradually feed water directly to the plant’s roots, limiting evaporation and dripping. A locking disc secures the plant and soil in place so there’s no mess once you’ve hung the planter and gravity works its magic.

Designed in New Zealand.

Boskke Hanging Ceramic Planters
Boskke Hanging Ceramic Planter
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  • Tracy Bittner

    Such extraordinary items! The vase, coaster set and pillows are so beautiful. Thank you for the ideas as we just moved across country and I get to redecorate our new home soon!

    June 25, 2018 at 11:41 am Reply
  • Monica

    Ohhhh I need one of those wallpapers

    June 25, 2018 at 12:12 pm Reply
  • Larisa Petcoff

    Hi Katie! Larisa Petcoff here! I can’t travel to Utah but I still want to help! I wanna work with you on your family’s dream home!!

    I’m a 41-year-old Solopreneur (former English Teacher). Single, no kids. Available 24/7 for you. I live in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. I design multifunctional wooden furniture and wooden accesories. I’m developing my own business from home at the moment. My business Instagram account is L. PETCOFF Home Décor. In a few months, I’ll be launching my first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. I need funds to start production.

    I’m all IN if you want my help. I know this is CRAZY but… what the hell… here’s my cell phone number! Carpe Diem, right?? Haha. +5493416711919 (WhatsApp).

    My dad’s an Architect and I learned A LOT from him over the years. I know what you need. I know what you like. You can trust in me!

    CRAZY FACT: Last year, I helped Chris de Burgh (“Lady In Red” Singer) get his Argentinian Birth Certificate!! He was born in Venado Tuerto, as my dad. We still chat via WhatsApp. So, you see… You can trust me! And you can ask Chris about me, too!

    I really hope the Universe answers my prayers! Love you tons. Big hug! Lari

    June 25, 2018 at 12:43 pm Reply
  • Carina

    Beautiful! Now I’m looking through squinty eyes at my own home, feeling a redecorating thing coming on…

    June 25, 2018 at 1:20 pm Reply
  • Marcia

    Morning Kate! Love seeing items that you promote and love supporting small business! I especially love the grinders and the plant ideas, as I’m a big fan of houseplants and planting outside! Hope all is going well for you in Toronto! Hope the babies are adjusting well! You have a great day!!

    June 25, 2018 at 2:01 pm Reply
  • jillian

    No more the ranch? wow, a new project is always so exciting, looking forward to following along.

    June 25, 2018 at 5:34 pm Reply
  • Ginny

    I love the folded vase

    June 26, 2018 at 12:52 pm Reply
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