This Season’s Best Wine + Book Pairings

This Season's Best Wine + Book Pairings

While some may argue that coffee is a book’s best friend (and we agree on chilly mornings and cozy afternoons), we live for those quiet evening moments when it’s just us, a new book and a glass, or two, of our favorite vintage. Here are a few of our favorite pairings of the season.

If You Love Pinot Noir, Read River Bodies By Karen Katchur
River Bodies By Karen Katchur

In this east-coast based thriller, the daughter of an ex-police chief will find herself caught in the middle of a gruesome murder case and unbearable town secrets. Returning to her hometown of Portland, Pennsylvania, Becca Kingsley is shocked when a body washes up in their local river. Teaming up with the lead detective on the case, who is also a past lover, the pair will stumble upon secrets that were never supposed to be exposed, leading them to question those closest to them. River Bodies has become a favorite among readers on Instagram and is perfect when paired with a rich pinot noir.

If You Love Chardonnay, Read Lake Success By Gary Shteyngart
Lake Success By Gary Shteyngart

A cool glass of buttery chardonnay is perfect for the everyday woman who just wants to kick back and relax. So is Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart. Hedge-fund executive Barry Cohen has a lot of stressors in his life — from the $2.4 billion in assets he oversees (and the company’s impending SEC investigation) to his son’s recent diagnosis of autism. He flees the city on a Greyhound bus in search of a simpler life and embarks upon a journey filled with familial longing and self-evaluation.

If You Love Pinot Grigio, Read A Year of Extraordinary Moments By Bette Lee Crosby
A Year Of Extraordinary Moments By Bette Lee Crosby

Our favorite sweet wine fix, pinot grigio is the perfect wine to match with this sweet southern story from bestselling author Bette Lee Crosby. Escape to warm days in the south in this new read as single mother Tracy Briggs does her best to juggle her duties as a businesswoman, girlfriend and mom. Just as she starts to feel like she has everything under control, her son’s father shows up without notice, creating friction and bringing with him complications Tracy hadn’t anticipated. Now having to make decisions that will impact both her and her son, Tracy can’t help but feel conflicted and unsure of what she wants from her life.

If You Love Sauvignon Blanc, Read Every Breath By Nicholas Sparks
Every Breath By Nicholas Sparks

Nothing goes better with a sauvignon blanc than a new Nicholas Sparks book. With a touch of sweetness and plenty of tortured characters, we couldn’t think of a better pairing for one of our favorite wines. As Hope Anderson and Tru Walls both arrive in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, they both find their personal struggles are holding them back from fully embracing one another. If a romantic night with a book and wine is your ideal Friday night, pick up this novel now.

If You Love Merlot, Read The River Widow By Ann Howard Creel
The River Widow By Ann Howard Creel

Fans of spending your night off with a glass of merlot will devour The River Widow with its lush historical details and complicated family relationships. Adah Branch didn’t plan to kill her abusive husband, Lester, but one thing led to another and now she must get rid of the body. But hiding the accidental crime won’t be as easy as Adah had hoped as her late husband’s family does all they can to take custody of Adah’s stepdaughter. Now on the run from a family hell-bent on getting vengeance for Lester’s death, Adah is forced to choose between what little family she has left and the opportunity to escape it all and run away with a new man. On second thought, you may need two glasses of merlot to make it through this wrenching novel.

If You Love Cabernet Sauvignon, Read The Winters By Lisa Gabriele
The Winters By Lisa Gabriele

The rich red of a good cabernet sauvignon perfectly fits the cover and gothic themes of Lisa Gabriele’s The Winters. Inspired by 1938’s Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, this haunting novel, set on a brilliant and sprawling estate, tracks the lives of Max, his daughter Dani and Max’s new fiancée. As Max’s bride-to-be tries to find her place in their world, she’ll find that Dani has no plans of welcoming her into their home or her life. And as tensions start to rise between these dynamic characters, a plethora of secrets will be revealed, bringing about dangerous consequences for the entire household.

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