Fairy Tales Do Come True: Costume Ideas for Halloween

Butterfly Wings

Please welcome back guest editor Kathryn McNally, owner of Poppys Collection, who has put together a fabulous post dedicated to helping you find the perfect costumes for your kiddos this Halloween. The Kelley clan has already picked our favorites and can’t wait to debut them for you come October 31st! Enjoy!



When we were kids, Halloween costumes were usually a homemade, do-it-yourself kind of project. We made robots out of recycled boxes and painted egg cartons, we fashioned ghosts from pillowcases, and we taped skeleton bones onto garbage bags. Folksy and a bit laughable by today’s standards, but we didn’t have the choices we have today.

Perhaps nowadays we have too many choices. Every store including the drugstore seems to carry mass-produced children’s costumes made of cheap moulded plastic and polyester. They fall apart before we can usher our little ones out the door on Halloween night. Wouldn’t it be nice if children’s costumes were made to last?

At Poppys Collection, we believe in timeless, elevated and playful designs. Many of our costumes are designed and made by parents because parents know best. All of our costumes are heirloom quality and either hand-sewn or American-made.

Most importantly, our costumes are designed to spark your child’s imagination and create powerful memories. No matter if they want to be a dragon, knight, wizard, or princess, all their fairytale dreams can come true. And not just for one night, but for years to come.

Kathryn McNally

Green Dragon

These magical dragon’s wings are hand-made in Savannah, Georgia of natural Kona® cotton and printed with eco/kid-friendly inks. Whether your little dragon is of the fire-breathing or treasure-guarding variety, they’ll be delighted to flap around in these delightful, quilted wings. The hand printed dragon hat has a quilted flare made to last for years of play, make believe and mayhem!

Green Dragon Wings
Green Dragon Hat

Noble Knight

This is the ultimate knight costume complete with shield, tunic, and helmet. This hand-crafted costume will transport your little knight in shining armor to a fairytale kingdom full of adventure. It’s perfect for exploring distant lands, flying with dragons, and saving the castle.

Knight Costume
Knight & Green Dragon Costumes
Knight Shield Costume
Knight Tunic Costume
Knight Helmet Costume

Nautical Costumes

Ahoy Matey! We’ve got the perfect costumes for outfitting all your aspiring pirates, mermaids and other seafaring friends. Our pirate costume, complete with a detachable parrot named Manuel, is the key to finding that buried treasure. The vest is printed in soft, red twill and lined in durable Kona® cotton.

Pirate Costume
Pirate Costume
Pirate Costume
Pirate Costume
Mermaid Costume
Mermaid Costume

Tutu Dresses

Our artisanal tutu dresses are hand-crafted, hand-dyed and reminiscent of theatrical, vintage ballet costumes from France. The dramatic black swan tutu dress is designed to be treasured for years to come and draws inspiration from the mythology of old haunted ballet theatres. The elegant black swan is hand embellished and stitched with tulle ribbons, sparkly sequins, and crystal beads, while the soft tulle, layered skirt is lined with the softest natural cotton underskirt for comfort.

Black Swan Tutu Dress
Black Swan Tutu Dress

Superhero Capes

No phone booth needed! Our cape costumes will instantly transform your little hero into a fearless defender of justice. They’ll love soaring through the sky and saving the day so much, they’ll want to be a superhero every day. No problem! Our capes are made of 100% natural cotton canvas with a double-stitched Velcro neck-closure for added durability.

Fairy Wings

Fly up and away to a fairytale kingdom, drifting in the air with our shimmery butterfly and colorful rainbow wings. They’re quilted and printed by hand with eco/child-friendly inks. Each set comes with elastic straps to fit many sizes and ages.

Butterfly Wings
Rainbow Wings

Visit Poppys Collection for a curated collection of timeless clothing, handcrafted toys, and elevated accessories for parents and their little ones.

Many thanks to LoveLane Designs for use of their costume photography.

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    Absolutely adorable both off you and the fancy dress outfit are simply gorgeous, you could open a costume shop !

    October 15, 2018 at 5:28 pm Reply
  • hannah

    those are so cute!

    October 15, 2018 at 8:08 pm Reply
  • Monica

    We’ve had some foxes come through our backyard during the summer so my little one wants to be one herself for Halloween and my boy is completely enamored with Spiderman so no space to argue there

    October 15, 2018 at 8:47 pm Reply
  • lou fuentez

    my kids are 13 yr old Hannah Mae and my little son Michael is 10 yrs old… too big for these costumes… but my wife would like to have another child.. I am not really sold on that idea… we have a girl and a boy.. and my wife is 37… our last attempt was heart breaking.. I really don’t think i could go through that again. I know .. TMI… but I’ve been following you for a while now… so we are like buds… plus we live in Las Vegas and go up to Utah all the time. Last time we were in St George we went to the dinosaur museum.. very cool .. plus you Suit me! thanks for listening .. enjoy your day.. lub ya.

    October 19, 2018 at 10:16 am Reply
  • Marcia

    Hi Katie! Just got around to reading this! It’s true, kids costumes aren’t what they use to be!!! While I no longer have young kids, I think I would still let them or ME use the imagination! Nothing like a homemade costume! I’ve always loved Halloween, prolly cuz Fall is my favorite time of year with the colors changing and boy are they getting beautiful here in Ohio. I was raised in the country in Mich. and fall especially reminds me of my Dad, every year around this time he would go pheasant hunting on our farm, also reminds me of the farmers bringing in the crops and of course delicious apples and cider. I hope things are going well with you and I hope you get to go home soon if you Re not already there! Remember, there’s no place like home! Till next time, always Marcia

    October 29, 2018 at 5:09 pm Reply
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