Throwing A Dinner Party This Fall/Winter Without Losing Your Mind

Entertaining is one of my favorite things to do from my quaint home in Georgia. But sometimes, the idea of throwing a party for all of your friends can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming. How do I do it without losing my mind? Keep reading for six quick and easy tips that will make your next dinner party an absolute breeze!

Now that you have amazing dinner party recipes from Natasha, here’s how to throw your party with ease:

  1. Pick the guest list and stick to it. You don’t necessarily need to send out physical invitations (phone calls and emails will do), but try to get a close head count at least a week before the party in order to make sure you have enough time to gather the place settings, food and drinks you will need.
  2. Plan your menu. Always think about the three must-haves: appetizers, drinks and the main meal. Desserts are always appreciated in my eyes, so let’s go ahead and add those to the list also. Don’t forget to try your hand at the amazing recipes Nosh With Tash thinks make the perfect dinner party dishes and with those recipes in mind, here’s a menu to get you started. When you start planning your appetizers, think easy! I’m all about a good charcuterie board and they’re super easy to put together. When it comes to drinks, it’s important to have a few options, but not so many that your guests have a hard time choosing. I always have a pitcher of water and tea, as well as a signature cocktail and a few wines to choose from. Next is the main event: dinner! The biggest thing I want to stress is if you plan to cook, make sure you have made the meal before. Also, plan to go to the grocery store a few days in advance in case you forget something on your list. There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot an important ingredient hours before your guests arrive. If you’re not a great cook, do not feel bad about catering. There is absolutely nothing wrong with catering a meal for a party, but I would definitely encourage you to remove the food from the catering trays and place them in more aesthetically pleasing dishware.
  1. Prep before the big day. Remember when I said I love desserts? Instead of waiting until the day of, make that delicious chocolate cake the day before. Do you need six limes sliced to perfection for that gorgeous signature cocktail? Cut the limes while the cake is baking and save yourself a little time. I am the queen of procrastination and thinking I can get everything taken care of the day of a party, but there will always be those little snags in your plan that will hold you up. If there are any small tasks that you can take care of before your party (like setting your gorgeous table), go ahead and knock them out.
  2. Don’t go crazy on decorations. When it comes to place settings and table décor, I always think less is more. Instead of spending a fortune on fancy flowers or table runners, grab a few houseplants and build a gorgeous centerpiece with what you already have. Now you have more money to put towards food and drinks!
  3. Make a fun playlist. Every party needs some good tunes. If you’re not a big music person, have one of your friends create a playlist to play the whole night. There’s nothing worse than a quiet party, so don’t forget to turn up the music and have some fun!
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. No party is ever perfect, but if you invite great friends, pour delicious drinks, and play good music — no one will even notice if the turkey is a little dry!

Baby Boy Kelley!

My mother very graciously threw Josh and I the most beautiful and celebratory baby shower last weekend and I just had to share the details with you! She asked me for some direction on the decor and the vibe I was hoping for, so I headed straight to Pinterest to cultivate a look for the shower that spoke to not only the holidays, but also our mountain home in Utah where the baby will be born. I loved that my mom involved me and that I got to contribute my ideas. I’m kind of a control freak on occasion…ok more often than not, so getting to have a voice when it came to the shower was pretty awesome for me!Continue Reading